Where is it?
We are located in Poole, Dorset UK.
Our address is:
D22 Admiralty Park, Holton Heath,
Poole, Dorset, BH16 6HX


Can you tell me more about the Equipping Trip?
Students can choose from a number of destinations (at varying costs) with an average stay of 4 days. Students will be responsible for travel costs. The hosts will provide accommodation and food.

Can I still be involved in my local church?
Yes, students are encouraged to continue to be active in their local church.

Is there any childcare available?
Unfortunately we are unable to provide childcare.

Who can apply?
You must be 18 years or older to apply. This course caters for a wide variety of ages.

What are the fees?
The fees for this course (1 year) are £1,000. Discounts will be offered to students who complete their application process early.

What is included in the fees?

  • All books on the required reading list.

  • Meals such as, Friday lunch and celebratory meals.

  • Additional conferences during the year.

*Fees do not include optional Thursday evening meal or missions week travel costs.

Will I need accommodation and my own transport?
Each student is responsible for their own housing and transport. It may be possible for students travelling longer distances to arrange overnight accommodation with some of our church family. If you require details of possible hosts, please contact us.

Will I have homework/assignments to complete?
Approximately one assignment per half term will be given along with book reviews and journalling.

Can I work and attend the school?
Yes, students are free to work on days when they are not expected to attend the school.

Is there anything else I will need?
Students will need access to a computer and emails.