We invite you to join us on our journey
into more of the Kingdom of God.


The 1 year Kingdom Life School is an opportunity to go deeper with God
bringing about lasting change and increased fruitfulness in life.


Course Content

KLS takes its influence from the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and carries a similar kingdom culture. The course is delivered by Phil and Heather Read along with a team from the Lighthouse Church, plus some outside speakers and Bethel DVD material.

Students will enjoy a mixture of worship, teaching, ministry, outreach and fellowship. The course includes a number of weekend events and a 'mission' trip.

The various streams of KLS offer students a place to explore and apply the Kingdom of God to everyday life and work - not just church ministry. Quite simply, when we know we are loved by God, we can pass it on to others, who then go and do the same.

The course begins with a 1 week intensive and flows in a 1 year programme. Weekly classes are held on Thursday evenings and all day Friday.


KLS requires a high level of commitment and sacrifice - it's not just another midweek group. We believe it's worth paying a price for something we value.

Term 1:
Introduction/Intensive Week
      - 5 days of teaching, ministry and activation.
3rd-7th September
Followed by weekly Thursday evenings and all day Friday
20th & 21st of September to 20th & 21st of December
(with one half-term/reading week in October)

Term 2:
10th & 11th of January to 4th & 5th April
(with one half term/reading week in February)
to include a Missions Week around 7th-10th March

Term 3:
25th & 26th of April to 23rd & 24th of May



Example Kingdom Life School Timetable


Thursday Timetable

+ From 5.30pm
   Arrival and food (optional)   

+ 7.00pm

+ 7.45/8.00pm
   Main Teaching on Module

+ 9.00pm


Friday Timetable

+ 9:00am
   Arrival & Coffee

+ 9:30am

+ 10:30am
   Small Groups

+ 11:30am


*Streams will alternate weekly between Bible Stream and your chosen option stream


+ 11:45am

+ 1:00pm

+ 2:00pm

+ 5:00pm



Mandatory Bible stream plus one option stream:
Choose from either Creativity or Blessed to Be a Blessing.


Bible (Mandatory)

Every student will engage in interactive Bible study. Our main focus is not what to think but how to think and to develop a passion for the word.



  • Pick your own Bible reading plan
  • Journaling and meditating
  • Comprehensive study on the major themes of the Bible



Option stream for students who desire to use creativity as a means of worship through a variety of artistic expressions such as film, painting and music. Students will have a chance to learn something new with no experience necessary.


This course will include

  • Overview of creative art forms and expressions
  • Practical experience in different creative activities
  • Choose and develop an assignment based on one of these art forms


Blessed to be
a Blessing

This option stream is about understanding God's heart for us to prosper in all we do so that having enough for our own needs we also can overflow into the lives of others. Kingdom ministry is not just for the church but that we might prosper and have influence in the marketplace.


this course will include

  • Principles of Kingdom finance
  • Invading the 7 mountains of influence
  • Accessing supernatural finance

Heather Read


Vibi Saunders
Course Administrator


Bryony Burton
Stream Leader:
Creativity & Media


Phil Read
Stream Leader:
Blessed to be a Blessing