The KLS Experience

"On a cold March night I decided to seek
God’s way for me – I needed to hear Him speak
A year’s KLS was going to start
Was this something for me in the Father’s heart?

I thought it was but I needed to know
As the cost would be high for me to go
Not just in money but commitment of heart
A new journey with God could be about to start

His word came as a sword dividing spirit and soul
I believed He was saying my labour of 23 years was to go
Lay down the old to take up the new
Listen to His voice, see what He wanted to do
It was time to take risks and venture ane

More precious than money, more value than gold
Salvations, miracles, healing on the streets
Were the treasures of heaven He’d lay at my feet
As His life I would share with the people I’d mee

Distractions come, distractions go
As the Father’s heart we seek to know
Choices to make each step of the way
The King and His Kingdom for me each day

The life of God for which I’m mad
But through it all I wouldn’t trade
Fear and challenges I have had to meet
It hasn’t been easy, both bitter and sweet"

- Jan D. / KLS 1-Year Student 2017-2018